BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2012 Season Race Result
Race 66 : Wed, May 16th
Bath 7:10, 5.7f Maiden (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GSG 73.45
0Link None

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Sir Prancealot2501 L R. Hannon 10
BkWL Wdst, Ngl Erl Rsp & Prg, QFre+0.5f Hld 2Wd LdgLn, FFH for 1f, Ld+1.5f Sttl, Eff-1.5f, Po, 2Clr-1f, po ins-0.5f SCmf
2Strong Conviction2.5442 N M. R. Channon 4
Supp 3/1, BkWL, LdgLn Erl, H-2+1f Allow XFr, -2L Hf RL, TvOk-2f WaitGap, Eff-1.5f STTR, po-1f+, 2nd ins-1f, po StallLt
3Shahdaroba25431 M B. R Millman 2
BOk ins P-1 SInx, STTR Erl, Resp+0.5f, -3L+ Hf, Eff-2f, po HnH, HgR-1.5f, po-1f, 3rd ins-1f Resp, po to Ln
4Indian Affair4.5412 J. M. Bradley 6
Supp 6/1 , BkWL, LdgLn Erl, Ld+0.5f Hld, FFH for 2f, Hdd+1.5f Allow XFr SwcR, Eff-2f, po ins 2nd, Fd ins-0.5f
5Kwanto4082 M. S. Saunders 9
BOk Wd, H-3 Erl Drop-in, -3L Hf, Ngl+2f SInx, Dv-2f TTR SInx, HgR-1.5f, SResp-1f, Fd-0.5f
6Alexandrakollontai4051 S J. S. Moore 1
B-1 RL PNgl, Resp Erl, Cut-off+0.5f & 3R RL, Dv+1.5f SInx, -6L Hf & Outpcd, HgR-2f, SReap-1f+, Fd ins-0.5f
7Hardy Red2891 N J. A. Osborne 3
BOk P-1 SInx, H-3 Erl HgR, SFFH for 1f, -4L Hf Cent, TvOk-2f, Eff ins-2f Wd, po, 5th-1f, Fd-0.5f
8Khefyn12-21 N R. Harris 8
B-2 Wd, H-3 Erl Drop-in, Ngl+2f Inx, DvHf Resp & SPrg, po-2f RL SBlckd, Outpcd-1f+, Fd ins-1f
9Silicon Valley16-123 D. J. S. Ffrench-Davis 7
B1, Hdd+0.5f, H-1 +1f & 2R, Eff-2f SOutpcd, po, Fd-1f
10Run It Twice8-531 N B. J. Meehan 5
B-1 P-4 HdUp, Dv Erl TTR, QInxOv, HdUp+1f Dv LsGrnd, Adf+2f, -20L Hf, NIR, Willing?

GSG and the same as 2 days prior with 4mm of rain late Mon and 1mm overnight. Going Stick reading from0930am. Light to Medium Westerly Wind = Half Headwind for first 3F then a direct Headwind to the finish.

Meehan's website wrt Run It Twice (meaningless pedigree waffle removed to leave..) = " Interesting, but the usual first-time caution is again stressed."

Millman website news = "At Bath we have an interesting 2yo debutant in Shadaroba, a Haatef colt thatís extremely well bred. Heís had a few setbacks which meant we couldnít get him out quite as early as planned but he looks like a proper two-year-old and does everything nicely at home. As always, he will improve plenty for the experience and is one to look forward too this season."

Mixed pace with no-one wanting to lead early and several held back and left SirP & IndA in th leading pair both held & FFH. SirP allowed to lead and settled after that while IndA did not settle in 2R. This left SirP with a comfortable time in the lead and a 1/5L start for the 2f sprint to wrap the race up.

Sir Prancealot a medium ready type. Showed a solid effort and able to delay the final effort to 1.5F out. Presume OR83+. First runner for new sire Tamayuz. Trainer Hannon on his website after the race = "Andrew Tinkler is a big supporter, so it was good to see Sir Prancelot give him his first two-year-old winner of the season at Bath. He had worked well at home and was very professional in the race, despite having a wide draw, and the colt has plenty of natural speed. He could well be heading for Royal Ascot, though we might look for one more race en route.".

Strong Conviction another ready type and held up for an effort. Able to delay his final effort like the winner and produced a similar response ater taking a bit longer to get going at 1.5F out.

Seemed a good debut by Millman standards for Shahdaroba and staying on strongly after, understandably, taking time to get going in the late race sprint. Trainer starts majority of his season winners in the earlier 5f batch so worthwhile quote on his wensite saying this a delayed start. Trainer had already had one STO blossomer win at 16/1 this season and this another better debut so ought to improve notably STO. But, worth checking how the from of the race works out. First 4 clear and seem to be the OR70+ ones despite the mixed pace.

[UPDATE] James Millman on the stable website = "Shahdaroba make an extremely promising debut when finishing third at Bath on Wednesday. He was very green and wandered about under pressure but still stayed on nicely to be beaten just three lengths by a well-touted Hannon winner. He looks sure to improve throughout the season and heís an exciting horse to look forward to this year."

Why was Indian Affair stepped up to 5.7f from 5f after running too freely and fading early FTO? There was a 5f race on the car. Ran too freely again and never fully settled. Despite that still 2nd until into the last 1F off the average pace. Trainer already has him declared for a 6.1f race 6 days later. Typical Bradley with his 2yos just running them a lot with no obvious strategy or tactics. IA ought to be OR70+ but trainer may well blow it.

Big gap, 9L, back to the others and no promise from most of them. Kwanto the second Saunders filly running on the card STO that it would be hard to say was progressing well enough to be a 3-4TO winner.

Most interest behind in Hardy Red and another 2yo on the ATR feature about Jamie Osborne. Trainer very positive about hime as a 'hard knocking 2yo'. Smaller medium type and balanced (Osborne referred to this when asked what he looked for in a 1yo), and could be OR70. As with the filly in the previous race he was given a seriously 'educational intro' to the point of the jockey never getting him involved. Held back early and then allowed to hang out to centre track. Some progress to 5th behind the leading 4 going away in the late race 2F sprint but then allowed to drift back to hide that. Presumably we might be allowed to see more of what he can actaully do STO now the 'schooling in public' has hopefully finished.

Hard to know what to make of Run It Twice who the trainer seemed to think had pace but would need the run. Head up from the start and never responsing to the jokcey and well adrift after 2F and no later response. Unwilling and a problem or might be ok for OR70 a hard choice. Ridden by Liam Jones who would be well down the Meehan list after Martin Dwyer rode the filly in the previous race before taking a break until the 8:10. Seems more like a negative story.

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