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British 2yo Racing - 2009 Season
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LATEST > June 18th = Norfolk Stakes Preview; What have we learnt so far at Royal Ascot? - one thing thing that is very refreshing and another that drags the whole thing down.
March 28th Brocklesby Overview, Trainer Early Season & FTO MO for BW Hills, MR Channon, M Johnston, WGM Turner, PD Evans, M Brittain, PT Midgley, RA Fahey, P Eddery, GM Moore, HJ Collingridge, etc.
Kempton Preview, R Hannon debuts pattern through to May, MOs for K Ryan & JS Moore.
March 29th 'Babies'; Kempton VP; Trainer Paddock Types for R Hannon, PD Evans, JS Moore, PFI Cole, etc.
March 30th Lingfield Preview; Fillies' Auction and likely future significance; Mikael Magnusson runs a Cheap One; Ian Williams & owner M. Koukash.
March 31th Folkestone preview; Stands' Rail Bias; Channon's quick start.
April 1st 2yo Handicaps; BHA Approach; Internal weight-for-Age; Over-rating 2yos; Examples of 2009 early season 3yos vs their ORs.
April 2nd Markets; Leicester Preview; Test of the Brocklesby Form; Channon's STO record off short breaks; Michael Bell's early Leicester FTOs.
April 3rd Archers Road's win; Bath Preview; Musselburgh Preview
April 4th Lingfield & Newcastle Previews
April 6th Windsor Preview; Interplay between Ability and Preparation for Debut Wins.
April 8th Season so far. Nottingham Preview.
April 9th Folkestone Preview. Sire Hunting Lion. Seeded draws.
April 13th Warwick Preview; Newmarket Entries.
April 15th Newmarket & Beverley Previews; Beverley Draw Bias; Captain Rio & Sire Trends.
April 16th Ripon Newmarket & Wolverhampton Previews.
April 17th The surprising Mr. Bailey. Newbury Preview.
April 18th Nottingham & Doncaster Previews. Beverley Virtual Paddock Links.
April 20th Gillburg's odd-on defeat. Windsor & Pontefract Previews.
April 22nd Catterick brief Preview; Gillburg VP Question answered; Spencer, where did it all go so right & yet so wrong?
April 25th Haydock & Leicester Previews & Haydock pre-race VP; Backgrounds to FTO & STO winner types to the day's races; Hannon's STO P&L and the 'Betting on 2yos' book.
April 26th Brighton Preview; Brighton track, debut runner record & winner Run Styles.
April 27th Windsor Preview; Early season Physical types in the race; Trainers regularly represented in the race; VPs for Newmarket STO Reps in the race 2007-9, PW D'Arcy, R Hannon & JG Portman.
April 28th Nottingham & Bath Previews.
April 29th Ascot & Pontefract Previews. Quality and later relevance of the two races 2005-8
April 30th Folkestone, Redcar & Yarmouth Previews. Pointless Punditry.
May 1st 2009 Winner Run Styles; Eyecatchers - Real or just filling Airtime?; Lingfield, Musselburgh & Southwell Previews.
May 2nd Doncaster, Goodwood & Thirsk Previews.
May 3rd Newmarket Preview; The Richard Hannon Pattern; Salisbury Preview.
May 4th Beverley, Kempton, Newcastle, Warwick & Windsor brief 'Race Shape' & Points to Note; How fillies fared against the males in Open Maidens in 2008.
May 5th Catterick Preview; Catterick Draw vs Run Style Efficiency.
May 6th Chester Lily Agnes Preview including typical race strength, draw and penalties influence; Bath Previews.
May 7th Chester, Goodwood & Windsor Previews.
May 8th Hamilton, Lingfield, Nottingham & Ripon Previews.
May 9th Start of the 6f races. How trainers approach placing the early 6f debuts for their stables - M Channon, J Gosden, R Hannon, BW Hills & M Johston. Haydock & Ascot Previews.
May 11th Windsor & Wolverhampton Previews; Redcar & Yarmouth Notes.
May 13th Bath & York Previews
May 14th Newmarket & Salisbury Previews; Comparison of how earlier Maiden races are 'Working Out' from Newbury in April on GS going & a Windsor Fillies's Maiden on GF
May 15th York & Newbury Maidens Previews. Notes on Hamilton, Newbury Conditions, Newcastle & Newmarket.
May 16th Thirsk Preview.
May 17th The FTO winners Story so far; Ripon Previews; "GO ON, stick a Number on it....", quite bogus Expert Race Analysis while mobhanded; Newbury on May 15th, what did we learn?
May 18th Bath, Southwell & Windsor Previews.
May 20th Goodwood Preview.
May 21st Goodwood, Haydock, Salisbury & Sandown Previews; 6f Debuts from Major Stables continued.
May 22nd Pontefract, Newmarket, Haydock, Brighton & Newcastle Previews.
May 23rd Beverley & Newmarket Previews; Better 6f debuts to date & Coventry Stakes possibles.
May 25th Chepstow, Carlisle, Goodwood, Leicester & Redcar Previews.
May 26th Chepstow & Leicester Previews.
May 27th Beverley - Hilary Needler Trophy - Preview.
May 28th Sandown - National Stakes - Preview; Ayr Maiden notes; Eyecatchers, Fossils and Living Creatures.
May 30th Doncaster & Goodwood Previews.
May 31st Bath Preview; Leicester May 26th VPs (How Sharp is Sharp?).
June 1st Carlisle & Leicester Previews.
June 6th June 6th = Epsom Woodcote Stakes Preview with Draw & Run Style notes; Doncaster Preview including 'How can you assess Mark Johnston Debuts without Paddock Info?'.
June 8th June 8th = Windsor Preview.
June 9th June 9th = Salisbury & Chester Previews; Dascombe FTO Runs Review.
June 10th June 10th = Haydock & Hamilton Previews; Bulky & sleepy FTO Dubawis.
June 11th June 11th = Haydock Preview; Notes on other Races; Newcastle - What is going on with the Straight Track?; Start of the 7f Furlongs races and we can relax with Mark Johnston rather than him making us jumpy at 6f.
June 14th June 14th = Doncaster Preview; Royal Ascot 2yo Race Schedule; Newcastle, York & Ascot Magic Carpets & Glue.
June 15th June 15th = Warwick Preview.
June 16th June 16th = Coventry Stakes & Windsor Castle Stakes Previews.
June 17th June 17th = Queen Mary Stakes Preview.
June 18th June 18th = Norfolk Stakes Preview; What have we learnt so far at Royal Ascot? - one thing thing that is very refreshing and another that drags the whole thing down.

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